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Property Mart Oversea

People from all over the world dream of living in the UK. After all, the United Kingdom is one of the wealthiest places on the planet, with a decent standard of living, a temperate climate and great opportunities for hard workers. A steady economy, decent education system and subsidised public healthcare make it an attractive place to settle down. This hasn't stopped record numbers of Britons from selling up in the UK and moving abroad, to take advantage of better weather and a more appealing pace of life.

Due to the huge growth in UK property prices and the strength of British currency on the international markets, Brits are shopping overseas in record numbers, meaning that Canary Islands properties and Malta properties, among others, are being designed with this particular market in mind. For many people, a great advantage of buying in a place where there are many other Britons is that there is less emphasis on learning a new language, which is often viewed as hard work. Other buyers are keener to integrate into a new society and get a real taste of what living abroad is like. This group is far more likely to make an effort with language learning.

Traditional destinations such as Spain and Malta, however, are now making way to "trendier" destinations where buyers are less likely to find whole Anglophone communities to join. One popular choice is Croatia. In the years following the devastating break up of Yugoslavia, Croatia has regained its position as one of the great Mediterranean destinations and is now a popular choice among people looking for a second home. Croatia property is most in-demand around the glorious coastal regions, while the country has stunning landscapes inland too, with such natural delights as the Plitvice Lakes and Paklenica national park.

Similarly, Estonia property and Greece property are now becoming popular among British buyers looking to have a home far from the madding crowd. Britons are among the keenest of all property investors and it is estimated that almost 900,000 British people now own a second home overseas. When Britons with their primary home overseas are taken into account, the number is more like 1.2 million.

If you are considering buying a place overseas, be sure to take expert advice as the rules regarding property purchase vary from country to country. Also, if you are buying as an investment, be aware that Capital Gains Tax is chargeable on second homes, whether in the UK or overseas.

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